EvE 3: Balloons v Pangolins

In today’s episode, we celebrate America in an attempt to appeal to a lucrative international market! Plus: Euan wanders the streets looking for loose change, Val reminisces about when her only friend was a balloon, Mark reveals his man-crush and Alex rages against capitalism. Oh, and for Cram Session we all learn about an animal we’d only ever heard of before as an answer on Pointless.


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This episode’s things (with timecodes):

03:14 loose change on the street Euan
11:01 party balloons Val
19:03 getting a haircut Mark
26:23 water Alex
30:11 pangolins *Cram Session*
39:57 American radio stations Mark
48:13 New York City Euan
54:31 NASA Val
1:02:28 the American tipping system Alex

Additional music clips:
The JAM Song


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