EvE 11: Bananas v Schadenfreude

Today, the elusive Gavin finally joins us! He immediately sparks a thoughtful discussion on the ethics of laughing at someone walking into a glass pane, while Mark mysteriously loses a Sunday and Alex wants to rename artificial banana flavouring to “paffledon”. Then, after a vaguely disappointing excursion to a wonder of the ancient world, we discuss some of the best (and best worst) films ever made.


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This episode’s things (with timecodes):

03:19 schadenfreude Gavin
12:32 Sunday Mark
20:22 bananas Alex
33:44 the Hanging Gardens of Babylon *Cram Session*
41:12 Jurassic Park Alex
47:13 The Blues Brothers Mark
55:12 The Room Gavin

Additional music clips:

John Williams – Jurassic Park theme


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