EvE 12: Knightmare v Wearing Shorts

This episode gets off to a fiery start as Mark wants to ban the wearing of shorts, leading to all manner of unfortunate accusations being flung around. Once we’re all friends again, Alex tries to get over never having been a contestant on Knightmare, we rate our appendages (less dirty than it sounds) and Gavin comes up with a brilliant yet flawed solution to the eternal problem of where to store carrier bags while walking round a supermarket.


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This episode’s things (with timecodes):

02:11 wearing shorts Mark
10:43 Knightmare Alex
19:27 homeopathic medicine Gavin
25:47 hands / feet *Head to Head*
34:17 clothes shopping Gavin
43:38 self-service checkouts Alex
52:39 the “have you brought your own bags?” thing Mark

Additional music clips:

Knightmare theme tune


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