EvE 13: Irn-Bru v Zombies

Today we get sick of waiting for Halloween and decide to use our 13th episode as an excuse to talk about scary stuff! Alex goes down a creepy YouTube rabbit hole, James sneaks into abandoned buildings and Euan celebrates the common or garden zombie. To balance out the terror, we also ruminate on one of the world’s most useless skills, the joys of ranting and how, say what you like about East 17, they’ve never made our mouths taste of earwax.


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This episode’s things (with timecodes):

03:32 Irn-Bru James
13:55 ranting Euan
22:00 juggling Alex
28:50 Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans *Cram Session*
39:56 creepy YouTube videos Alex
52:04 urban exploration James
1:02:25 zombies Euan

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