EvE 0.5: Teaser
Host: Alex.

Ep1Art2EvE 1: Nessie v Porridge
Date: 20 April 2017.
Theme: breakfast.
Subjects: the city of Berlin, Nessie, Piers Morgan, Switzerland, breakfast in bed, Coco Pops, porridge.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, James.

Ep2Art2EvE 2: Saying Goodbye on the Phone v When a Dog Follows You
Date: 26 April 2017.
Theme: awkward situations.
Subjects: the compass, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Nineteen Eighty-Four, Coca-Cola, having good teeth, saying goodbye on the phone, when you’re at a bus stop and you don’t know whether the person in front of you is getting on the bus, when a dog follows you and it isn’t your dog.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, James.

Ep3ArtEvE 3: Balloons v Pangolins
Date: 5 May 2017.
Theme: America.
Subjects: loose change on the street, party balloons, getting a haircut, water, pangolins, American radio stations, New York City, NASA, the American tipping system.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, Mark, Val.

Ep4ArtEvE 4: Eurovision v Swearing
Date: 11 May 2017.
Theme: drinks.
Subjects: the Eurovision Song Contest, profanity, Word Twist, gift wrapping, new book smell, old book smell, coffee pods, cocktails, straws, freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, Mark, Val.

Ep5ArtEvE 5: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches v The 48 Hour Film Project
Date: 18 May 2017.
Theme: animals.
Subjects: grilled cheese sandwiches, the 48 Hour Film Project, country music, 1866, cats, spiders, red pandas.
Panelists: Alex, Heather, Scott.

Ep6ArtEvE 6: Jealousy v Sonic the Hedgehog
Date: 25 May 2017.
Theme: feelings.
Subjects: headphones, trashy TV, the drums, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, hypnic jerks, jealousy, the feeling you get at the start of a rollercoaster.
Panelists: Alex, Heather, Scott.

Ep7ArtEvE 7: Cheese Rolling v Reality
Date: 1 June 2017.
Theme: technology.
Subjects: the common cold, slippers, reality, George Foreman grills, cheese rolling, smartphones, video conferencing, mobile card readers, teleportation.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, James, Laura.

Ep8ArtEvE 8: Furbies v The Liberal Social Media Bubble
Date: 8 June 2017.
Theme: politics.
Subjects: Furbies, the colour blue, T-shirts, shirts, the liberal social media bubble, the Monster Raving Loony Party.
Panelists: Alex, Euan.

Ep9ArtEvE 9: Nutella v East 17
Date: 15 June 2017.
Theme: music.
Subjects: dancing, Nutella, being unable to stop laughing, Alpha Centauri, Cher, Bob Dylan, East 17.
Panelists: Alanna, Alex, Euan.

Ep10ArtEvE 10: Michelangelo’s David v Being Sweaty
Date: 22 June 2017.
Theme: summertime.
Subjects: marriage, Word Porn, Michelangelo’s David, daytime, nighttime, the Edinburgh Festival, being sweaty, summer holidays.
Panelists: Alanna, Alex, Euan.

EvE 10.5: The Order of Things (22 June 2017)
Host: Alex.

Ep11Art2EvE 11: Bananas v Schadenfreude
Date: 29 June 2017.
Theme: films.
Subjects: schadenfreude, Sunday, bananas, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Jurassic Park, The Blues Brothers, The Room.
Panelists: Alex, Gavin, Mark.

Ep12ArtEvE 12: Knightmare v Wearing Shorts
Date: 6 July 2017.
Theme: shopping.
Subjects: wearing shorts, Knightmare, homeopathic medicine, hands, feet, clothes shopping, self-service checkouts, the “have you brought your own bags?” thing.
Panelists: Alex, Gavin, Mark.

Ep13Art2EvE 13: Irn-Bru v Zombies
Date: 13 July 2017.
Theme: scary stuff.
Subjects: Irn-Bru, ranting, juggling, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, creepy YouTube videos, urban exploration, zombies.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, James.

Ep14ArtEvE 14: Dogs v Saunas
Date: 27 July 2017.
Theme: the great outdoors.
Subjects: dogs, saunas, being too hot, being too cold, mud, hill walking, bothies.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, James.

Ep15ArtEvE 15: Batman v Mayonnaise
Date: 3 August 2017.
Theme: the Internet.
Subjects: Batman, mayonnaise, Columbo, Venus flytraps, Everything v Everything, Reddit, adverts on podcasts.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, Mark.

EvE 15.5: The Order of Things (7 August 2017)
Host: Mark.

Ep16ArtEvE 16: True Crime v Waiting for a Parcel
Date: 10 August 2017.
Theme: tourist attractions.
Subjects: true crime, waiting for a parcel to be delivered, windows, doors, M&D’s, Vasa.
Panelists: Alex, Euan.

Ep17A-ArtEvE 17a: Disneyland v Pizza
Date: 17 August 2017.
Theme: N/A.
Subjects: ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Disney theme parks, pizza, total nuclear annihilation.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, Gavin, James.

Ep17B-ArtEvE 17b: Queen v Quorn
Date: 4 September 2017.
Theme: things beginning with Q.
Subjects: The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, quitting, Queen, Quorn, Quality Street.
Panelists: Alex, Euan, Gavin, James.