The List

WARNING! This is our very latest Order of Things, and contains updates from our most recent episodes. So if you haven’t listened to them all yet and you’re concerned about spoilers, you might be better looking at the version of the list from whatever episode you’re currently on. These can be accessed from the episodes page.

That said… here is our current list of everything in the world, ordered from best to worst:

  1. Dogs (animal)
  2. Cats (animal)
  3. Water (substance)
  4. NASA (organisation)
  5. New York (city)
  6. Berlin (city)
  7. Smartphones (object)
  8. Disney theme parks (theme parks)
  9. Pizza (food)
  10. Game of Thrones (TV series) [new entry]
  11. The Lord of the Rings (film trilogy) [new entry]
  12. Queen (band) [new entry]
  13. Bob Dylan (musical artist) [nudged up by Euan]
  14. Compass (navigational instrument)
  15. Marriage (concept)
  16. Switzerland (country)
  17. Jurassic Park (1993 film)
  18. Columbo (TV series)
  19. Nineteen Eighty-Four (George Orwell novel)
  20. Drums (musical instrument)
  21. Michelangelo’s David (sculpture)
  22. Windows (architectural feature)
  23. Doors (architectural feature)
  24. Red pandas (animal)
  25. Batman (superhero)
  26. Pangolins (animal)
  27. Edinburgh Festival Fringe (event)
  28. The 48 Hour Film Project (event)
  29. Mario (game franchise)
  30. The Blues Brothers (1980 film)
  31. Summer holidays (concept)
  32. Sunday (day of the week)
  33. Cher (musical artist)
  34. Headphones (object)
  35. Hands (body part)
  36. Everything v Everything (podcast)
  37. Bothies (concept)
  38. Being unable to stop laughing (experience)
  39. Ranting (activity)
  40. Having good teeth (concept)
  41. Daytime (concept)
  42. Nighttime (concept)
  43. Hillwalking (activity)
  44. Grilled cheese sandwiches (food)
  45. True crime (genre)
  46. Zombies (creature)
  47. Blue (colour)
  48. Venus flytraps (plant)
  49. Urban exploration (activity)
  50. George Foreman grills (object)
  51. Reddit (website)
  52. Dancing (concept)
  53. Eurovision Song Contest (event)
  54. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (J. K. Rowling novel)
  55. Knightmare (TV series)
  56. Furbies (toy)
  57. Porridge (food)
  58. Bananas (fruit)
  59. Cocktails (drink)
  60. The Loch Ness Monster (mythical creature)
  61. Irn-Bru (drink)
  62. Reality (concept)
  63. Vasa (ship / tourist attraction)
  64. The Room (2003 film)
  65. Monster Raving Loony Party (political party)
  66. 1866 (year)
  67. Mobile card readers (technology)
  68. New book smell (smell)
  69. Shirts (clothing)
  70. Coffee pods (object)
  71. T-shirts (clothing)
  72. Coca-Cola (drink)
  73. Nutella (spread)
  74. Profanity (concept)
  75. Quality Street (chocolates) [new entry]
  76. Scary YouTube videos (concept)
  77. Saunas (concept)
  78. The feeling at the start of a rollercoaster ride (sensation)
  79. ‘Allo ‘Allo! (TV series)
  80. Self-service checkouts (concept)
  81. Waiting for a parcel to be delivered (experience)
  82. Old book smell (smell)
  83. Mayonnaise (substance) [grudged down by Alex, nudged up by Gavin]
  84. Coco Pops (food)
  85. Quitting (activity) [new entry]
  86. Spiders (animal)
  87. Sonic the Hedgehog (game franchise) [nudged up by James]
  88. M&D’s (theme park)
  89. Trashy TV (concept)
  90. Country music (genre)
  91. Quorn (meat substitute) [new entry]
  92. Wearing shorts (concept)
  93. The liberal social media bubble (concept)
  94. Slippers (footwear)
  95. Feet (body part)
  96. Alpha Centauri (star system)
  97. American radio stations (concept)
  98. Juggling (activity)
  99. Cheese rolling (event)
  100. Mud (substance)
  101. Hanging Gardens of Babylon (wonder of the world)
  102. Video conferencing (technology)
  103. The “have you brought your own bags?” thing (concept)
  104. Gift wrapping (concept)
  105. Straws (object)
  106. Breakfast in bed (concept)
  107. Schadenfreude (concept)
  108. Freshly squeezed lemon juice (drink)
  109. East 17 (band)
  110. Party balloons (object)
  111. Adverts on podcasts (concept)
  112. Word Twist (game)
  113. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans (sweets)
  114. Word Porn (website/Facebook page)
  115. Teleportation (hypothetical technology)
  116. When a dog follows you and it isn’t your dog (situation)
  117. Loose change in the street (concept)
  118. Hypnic jerk / “the kick” (sensation)
  119. Saying goodbye on the phone (situation)
  120. Clothes shopping (concept)
  121. Getting a haircut (experience)
  122. Being too cold (experience)
  123. When you’re at the bus stop and you don’t know whether the person in front of you is getting on the bus (situation)
  124. The American tipping system (concept)
  125. Being too hot (experience)
  126. Being sweaty (experience)
  127. The common cold (disease)
  128. Piers Morgan (person)
  129. Jealousy (emotion)
  130. Homeopathic medicine (concept)
  131. Total nuclear annihilation (concept)